Ursula Ide
Designation Vanishing Queen
Gender Female
Race Vampire
Affiliation Mirror Kingdom
Location Morre's Tower, Mirror Kingdom, Mirror World
First Appearance I am a Little Mischievous arc
Mastery Invisibility
Art None
Orb None

Ursula Ide, a supposed Witch, became a Vampire because the Vampire Queen Gash bit her. She resides in Morre's Tower of Mirror Kingdom.


Ursula has a long natural black hair, which she ties some of as a bun, and purple eyes. She has a vampire’s common features: longer fangs and a bite on her neck. She appears to be somehow paler.

She wears a white long-sleeved polo which is longer in front to resemble tails, khaki pants, and black boots.


Usually a condescending one, Ursula is calm and never shows any sign of madness and angst.



Ursula Ide was born in modern Canada as the daughter of Asuka Ide and Misaki Ide. When she turned eight years old, both of her parents died for an unknown reason. Ursula simply assumed that they were just hiding from her, which later prompted her live in the streets for several years. Later on, since every continent was connected, she traveled across the world.

However, an explosion occurred. Ursula was blown to an island of the undead. She woke up and thought that she entered a different world. Later, when she noticed something different, she realized that she became a vampire. She wandered around the island and went inside a mansion she spotted in the middle of a forest. It was the Fearther Kingdom. She served under the Queen along with her minions for years until an accident happened which sent her to the Mirror Kingdom of Mirror World. She died fighting a Wizard and unknowingly, Mormelly stole her body and reincarnated her. Ursula lived with her but without any memory of her past.

I am a Little Mischievous arcEdit


  • Invisibility: Prior to becoming a vampire, Ursula has been able to turn anything invisible at contact whenever she wills. This was supposedly her ability when she becomes a Witch, but unfortunately, since she did not experience anything traumatic before being bitten, this is her Mastery.
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