Roly Yamamoto
Designation Red Frost
Gender Female
Race Witch
Affiliation Herself, (formerly) Grace Kingdom
Occupation Witch, Magician, (formerly) Student
Location Cherry Village, Near Merchandise Kingdom
First Appearance The Past
Mastery Equipment Magic
Art Frost Aura Arts
Orb None

Roly Yamamoto is the main protagonist of Sweet Impostors. She was first introduced in The Past and appeared to be a student prior to the great explosion. She currently lives in Cherry Village, a community near Merchandise Kingdom.


Roly Yamamoto is a fairly tall, youthful-looking and curvaceous woman. She has an uneven cut long red hair, some framing her face, and grayish black eyes.

She usually wears a kimono-styled gray shirt, black pants and gray shoes. In some occasions, she would wear a sleeveless black shirt, blue knee-length skirt and dark brown casual boots. She also wears a white winter jacket.

After the events of First Peanut Century Wish and A Little Mischievous, Roly also wore an all-white body suit, which covers most of her body and the lower part of her face. Along with the suit, she wears some sort of glass on her eyes, and her hair is tied in a ponytail.



Roly was born in the Modern World to a rich couple. She and her father were close. Back then, the people weren't interested in real magic but street magic was very popular. So they went for a street magic for some time. However, a very unfortunate accident happened while watching a street magician which caused her father's death. Roly and her family suffered from what happened. Her father ran almost everything, now his men were all after them. Her mother tried to comfort her but felt the need for her to study in a Magic School. Roly had no choice but to learn something she always hated for the sake of her family.


  • Equipment Magic: Roly mastered a very rare kind of magic which she called Equipment. She uses it to change from her usual clothes to a clothing of her liking. The downside of this magic is that she is not allowed to use it at night and must not use it for 3 times in a row in a day.


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