Molly Clover
Designation The Unstable
Gender Female
Race Human-Witch Hybrid
Affiliation Herself
Occupation Model
Location Risky Kingdom
First Appearance Youth Festival arc
Mastery None
Art Weapon Through Nature
Orb White

Molly Clover is a Human-Witch Hybrid who wanders by herself in the outskirts of the Southern Continent.


Molly is a petite youthful Asian woman who sports long dark brown hair where some of it serves as bangs, and bright blue eyes.

She usually wears a strapless dark blue knee-length dress with some laces as design and an under-bust white corset. She also wears a black evening glove on her right that reached up to her upper arm and a shorter black plain glove on her left hand. She also appears with a pair of black doll shoes.



Weapon Through Nature Arts: The Art that Molly obtained through an unknown reason. Being a Human-Witch Hybrid, Molly can't perfectly control her Art, accidentally using it when she gets angry.

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