Mark Shuta
Gender Male
Race Wizard
Affiliation Mirror Kingdom
Occupation Wizard, Magician, Waiter
Location Mirror World
First Appearance I am a Little Mischievous arc
Mastery Enhanced Speed
Art Ground/Nature Absorption/Manipulation
Orb White

Mark Shuta is a Wizard who works under Lucia Corsa and lives in Morre's Tower of Mirror Kingdom.


Mark has a Gothic appearance, though not in clothing. He is of average height and has a pale white skin, black short messy hair and brown eyes with slightly pale irises. He wears a white polo shirt, plain brown pants that is worn like a cargo pants, and black boots.


Mark is a cold and silent person who feels uncomfortable around other people. However, unlike most cold people, he never felt about love or care and didn't mind about always being like a heartless one.

He is diagnosed with a terminal mental disorder and only has a few years or month to live left. Being the stony-hearted person he is, he doesn't care about it and is grateful that even a vampire like Ursula Ide cares about him.



  • Enhanced Speed: Mark has mastered his ability to have an incredible speed. Due to its dangerous side effect, he only uses it once a day.


Ground/Nature Absorption/Manipulation: Reason unknown, Mark obtained this when he was a child. This Art allows Mark to use anything around him as long as it is made of concrete or it is part of nature and to be part of it. His Art is a Payment Art which makes him be temporarily idle and mute.

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