Hin Balashov
Designation Hurricane, Living Waters
Gender Male
Race Living Specter
Affiliation Roly Yamamoto, (formerly) Lony Kingdom
Occupation Librarian
Location Cherry Village, Near Merchandise Kingdom
First Appearance Lony Kingdom arc
Mastery None
Art Weather Manipulation
Orb None

Hin Balashov is Roly's best friend, almost treated as a father. He was formerly a Living Specter of Rissy.


Hin has short, messy dark blue hair and green eyes.

He commonly wears a yellow long-sleeved shirt, which sometimes differs in color, black pants, and brown shoes.



Hin Balashov died as a child and became a ghost. He wandered around, watching his family. That way, he felt happy and contented even though his family didn’t notice him, or even, love him. Until one time, he saw them being murdered by a rogue wizard with him incapable of doing anything. The said event triggered Hin to become a Living Specter with the primary power of observing and wind speed manipulation. He waited for years around his home, thinking one of his family might become a ghost and be reunited with him, but none of them became one.

Hin traveled around, looking for shelter or any kingdom to serve under. When the explosion occurred, Hin was blown away to an island called Lony Island owned by the Lony Kingdom—the kingdom of Living Specters and ghosts. He thought he was fit in the kingdom and openly went inside the kingdom. The rulers did let him in and serve under them, but some members didn’t like his “attitude.”

Later on, Hin was observing Roly with his ghost, recently landing on the island due to the explosion. He stated that Roly must have been in the center of the explosion, being blown away late. When Amaya was being suffocated by Roly through her ghost, Hin withdrew his ghost and checked on Amaya. He then proceeded to go to the mansion to report what has happened.


  • Observation: As a Living Specter, Hin can send out a ghost through plants as his medium. His ghost is 4th class, having a modified blue eye.


Weather Manipulation: Hin obtained his Living Specter powers when he witnessed the murder of his own family at the hands of a rogue Wizard. He can observe through plants with his ghost and can manipulate the wind (e.g. causing a cyclone or a tornado).

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