Art is the magic or ability one obtains because of witnessing a tragedy which would change their life, making them a Magician/Wizard. If one is a ghost, they become a Living Specter, which is an Art-using living version of a ghost.


Some Arts can be classified into 3 different kinds.


Conditional ArtsEdit

A Conditional Art requires an action done to be able to use its ability.

Payment ArtsEdit

A Payment Art causes one to suffer or do a certain action as payment. If one struggles from his/her payment or refuses to do it, he/she will die unexpectedly.

Item ArtsEdit

An Item Art requires an object to be able to use its ability.

List According to KindEdit

Since there are several Arts existing, they are classified according to how its ability is used.

Conditional Art UsersEdit


Condition Art
Cherry Peters (Clothing) Wear an apron Paper
Madeline White Sing, or stare at target Rupture & Dismemberment
Yang Rian Hide, but must see the target Ghostly/Chaotic Creation

Payment Art UsersEdit

Name Payment Art
Wendy Sanderson Tearing/Wrecking Something Wind Manipulation
Mark Shuta Idle/Mute Ground/Nature Manipulation
Jessica Doe Panic Attack Sonic Attacks

Item Art UsersEdit

Name Item Art
Haroldd Any Woodwind Instrument Shapeshift



Name Art
Roly Yamamoto Cyrokinetic Aura
Cana Marian Pyrokinesis
Joey Joel Water Manipulation
Eliza Cyrokinesis
Amaya Sharonov Electrokinesis
Wendy Sanderson Wind Manipulation
Mark Shuta Ground/Nature Manipulation

Direct AttackEdit

Some Arts are also "Direct-Attacks." Meaning, they have the ability to kill without physical contact with the target at all. A number are categorized as Conditional and Payment Arts. 

Name Art
Anacarlle Rissa Midame Unknown
Misaki Hashimoto Aging
Molly Clover Weapon through Nature (Unstable)
Cherry Peters Paper, Regeneration
Madeline White Rupture & Dismemberment


Name  Art
Hin Balashov Weather Manipulation
Rick Stretch
Mei Dangeringe Extreme Hardening
Jessica Doe Sonic Attacks
Haroldd Shapeshift
Yang Rian Ghostly/Chaotic Creation
Eunice J-Hart Poison
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